Pomona Police Commission Is Needed

Charter Review Commission
City of Pomona
505 S. Garey Avenue
Pomona, CA 91769

Co-Chairs Russell, Lyon and Commission Members:

The Pomona Valley Democratic Club (PVDC) is urging the members of the Charter Review Commission to establish a Police Commission. Such commissions that have been established in other cities, such as in Los Angeles, have proven to be not only useful, but successful with an insurmountable level of support from both the business and the community-at-large. PVDC’s support for the establishment of a Police Commission stems directly from the factual history concerning issues that have given rise to an unhealthy relationship between the Pomona Police Department and a large number of community members, especially those in low-income and traditionally underrepresented communities.

It is essential that the plight of the community is recognized and understood in order to concurrently re-establish community/police trust and a zero tolerance for Police misconduct in this city. The PVDC has and will always continue to support our police department. But it is our mission to ensure that government works well and in the best interest of all our communities.

One place where we can point to with great concern is the fact that over the years Pomona’s electoral process has been tainted with what can only be characterized as a pattern of Police intimidation, harassment and in one case false arrest of candidates that challenge candidates endorsed by the Pomona Police Officers Association and its allies. Such incidents have been well documented by news media outlets. They include:

1. The recent and well documented harassment of Councilmember Gina Escobar by officers of the Pomona Police Department during the 2010 Council elections.

2. The intimidation and harassment by officers of the Pomona Police Department of current Councilmember Cristina Carrizosa during the 2010 Council elections.

3. The harassment and wrongful arrest carried out by then Chief Romero and officers of the Pomona Police Department of current Mayor Elliott Rothman during the 2008 City elections.

4. The harassment by officers of the Pomona Police Department of then Mayor Norma Torres and her family during the Mayor election of 2005.

For too many years, community/police relations have suffered due to a lack of leadership on this issue. For too many years there has been a need for proper civilian oversight of the Pomona Police Department. The current circumstances, if not dealt with, will only continue to breed a deleterious environment hostile to Pomona families and business.

The PVDC supports the establishment of a police commission as an excellent first step in encouraging the strengthening of community/police trust. This new approach of forward thinking will be not only good for Pomona’s families it will be good for Pomona’s economic outlook.


The Executive Board
Pomona Valley Democratic Club