CDP Progressive Caucus Endorsement – P4P Slate

Fellow Dems,

On Thursday, April 15, the PVDC voted to endorse the Progressives for the People (P4P) slate for the CDP’s Progressive Caucus. Posted below is more information on the slate at how to register to vote. To see the PVDC letter of endorsement, click here: P4P Endorsement

The candidates on the P4P slate are:
Brad Parker for Chair
Ahjamu Makalani for Vice Chair
Carlos Goytia for Secretary
Deb Greco for Media

Our P4P slate is running in the California Democratic Party Progressive Caucus Officers Election. We ask for your vote and thank you for your support! Here is how you register to vote:

In order to be a voting member at this meeting, be sure to do both of the following:
1 – Join the Progressive Caucus here: (Select the Progressive tab and select $10 tab)
2 – Fill out this Progressive Caucus Membership Form:
3 – Register for the Zoom:

Vote at the Progressive Caucus Meeting during the CDP 2021 Virtual Convention: May 1, 2021 7:30 PM PST at the CDP Virtual Convention