Our endorsements for the November 2nd election

After careful review of the candidates and ballot measures, The Pomona Valley Democratic Club is pleased to announce our endorsements for the November 2nd election.

Vote Measure SS

Sacramento has let our children down. California currently ranks 49th out of 50 states in per pupil spending, a decrease of about 30% over the last three years. Measure SS will supplement school funding to maintain music and art, improve core academic programs, improve computer technology, and retain highly qualified teachers. As Democrats, we are sensitive to the needs of our children and senior citizens, thus we support the Measure SS senior tax exemption for those 65 and older.

Vote Cristina Carrizosa

We endorse the re-election of Cristina Carrizosa, for Pomona City Council District 3. Cristina has greatly improved the quality of life of Pomona residents during her 14 years of service. As a former teacher, Cristina’s dedication to the health and welfare of our community is evident by her numerous enhancement projects including parks and community centers, and strong opposition to liquor licenses and pollution related to trash transfer stations.

Vote Luis Juarez

We endorse Luis Juarez for Three Valley Municipal Water District. Division1. Following his appointment, Luis Juarez demonstrated the knowledge, background, and expertise to undertake the technical challenges needed for this position and to protect this vital resource.

The voter guide below is unlike “for profit” slate mailers that sell endorsements. This comes directly from the Democratic Party.

Measure SS: Yes
Measure SP: No
Pomona City Council District 2 & 5: No Endorsement
Pomona City Council District 3: Cristina Carrizosa
Three Valley Municipal Water District, Division 1: Luis Juarez
Senate District 32: Gloria Negrete McLeod
Governor: Jerry Brown
U.S. Senate: Barbara Boxer

Please don’t forget to vote on November 2nd