What began as a small group of like-minded individuals, eventually grew into what we now call the Pomona Valley Democratic Club.  Since its inception many many years ago, the club has been a voice for local issues affecting residents here in the city of Pomona and in the valley.  Dwain Kaiser, who suggested and founded the Pomona Valley Democratic Club wanted an outlet to the many political causes the area had in store for those who were actively involved.

The focus and mission was simple, to help local democrats get elected to the California State Senate and Assembly, the Pomona City Council, the Pomona Unified School District, the Three Valleys Water District and so on.  We also help our local non-profits and our business community.  Our democratic principles have paved the way for many of our elected officials to become the voice of the Pomona Valley.  Our founder continues to support the mission of this club, but has moved on to other things such as becoming a business owner in this community.  Along with his wife, they can be seen working everyday at their downtown Pomona bookstore named Magic Door 4 Books located in the Arts Colony.

During each election season, we work with great effort to continue serving the people of this area by helping to elect individuals who follow the values and principles of the Democratic Party.  We are able to do this with the help from many organizations, unions, and community leaders.  We also raise funds to help those who would like to run for office by hosting many events.  Our signature event, ‘Toast to Hope’ is a wine tasting fundraiser with the aim to bringing the community together and enjoying each others company with good wines and good food.  Our annual Holiday event is also a must attend event to end the year with a bit of holiday cheer and optimism.

We hope you decide to join us by making your voice heard in the community.  Thanks to UFCW Local 1428 for sponsoring our meetings we currently meet every 3rd Thursday of the month at their headquarters located at 705 W. Arrow Hwy.

Remember, if you are interested in receiving our notices please sign up by providing your contact information above.

We are Pomona Valley’s Democratic Club; we really want to meet you.

2020 Executive Board of Directors

Ronald Gonzales-Lawrence, President

Marisol Ramirez, Vice-President

Don Martens, Treasurer

Catlina Goytia, Secretary

Connie Baxley, Membership Chair

Sylvia Carranza, Labor Chair

Ion Puschila, Education Chair

Jaqueline Elizalde, Women’s Committee Chair


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